• Werner Herzog Film Award 2023

  • 33 Cottbus Film Festival

    Special Prize for best director

  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2023

    Best Production Design

About the film

Late USSR. The General Secretary lies in the government clinic. He is old and frail, but has a tight grip on power. “The power is taken, it is never given away,” he repeats. And various groups are scoring their political points while the “body” is alive. Sasha, a fragile invisible nurse bears a heavy burden of responsibility for the life of the “sentenced to life” official.

  • Written by

    Aleksandr Rodionov, Rezo Gigineishvili

  • DOP

    Piotr Bratersky

  • Starring

    Aleksandr Filippenko, Olga Makeeva, Sergey Gilev, Igor Chernevich, Inna Churikova, Vladimir Steklov, Maria Shalaeva, Irina Kupchenko

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